Heart and Soul

As we end the year of 2015, I finally decided to post, publish my thoughts, straight from the heart. From years of travelling around the globe, experiencing culture, customs of people through their food, From getting lost in an alien country and finding myself in the strangest heartiest way in a village, sometimes I feel I have seen it all.

Yet, there is more to go. When I say travel, its not just travelling across countries, road trips, beach vacations or just an artists tour, I also mean the travel of the mind, the journey of the heart, to a higher consciousness.

To discovering, to making mistakes, to learning and to unlearning. Nyssa – the meaning itself resonates with what I believe in. Its a beginning, but its also a goal. Its new yet it has the age old wisdom of the times.

In this blog, I will share my travels, my food explorations, random thoughts that arise through my spiritual journeys that happened coincidentally or intentionally.

I am a gypsy, a nomad, constantly moving and trying to achieve stillness at the same time. I travel outside what I call home frequently yet I feel I have reached home every time I reach a new destination.

I feel the oneness of all beings and respect the uniqueness that differentiates each one of us. This to me is the purpose of life.

To constantly seek, explore, knowledge, stillness and lots of laughter and joy in people, in life and in my heart.

I sense food the way I sense my breath. Living, breathing every moment, feeling the flavors, smelling the spices, respecting the traditions of every cuisine I have enjoyed. This to me is a panacea to a restless disturbed mind.

For it’s good simple hearty food that can heal an aching soul, it’s food that can revive the joie de vivre – the enjoyment of life in each one of us.

It’s the energy, the feelings and our intention that can make a food taste delicious or absolutely unpalatable.

So yes, I embark on a journey of my own experiences through this blog. Ciao!

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