Pune @72 hours – Part I

When I look back at the time I started my blog, there was no set pattern or path to it. As my blog description says, Random things and finding the extraordinary in ordinary things is what I seek.

Since I started this blog there have been many changes, in the way I travel, the way I see food, the way I interact with people to what I discovered.

And what I discovered was goodness, simplicity and  a big heart in most of the people and it didn’t matter if they came from the mountains or from big cities, they existed.

Although in recent past I have been mainly chronicling my Himalayan travels, I felt when after my trip to Pune, I need to share what I experienced here too.

It might look like a food binge for the few days I was there yet it was so much more. Thanks to a young girl, I saw Pune in many forms, a student haven, as a place to chill, walking in the streets of Sadashiv Peth where you could see proper locals with no Cosmopolitan mix, it was a revelation.

I heard about Pune first from my partner who had done his graduation there and he would always say that was one place he would have loved to live there,anytime.

I also heard about Pune through various friends/acquaintances. So when my partner’s niece doing her undergraduate course in Symbiosis insisted we visit her, I was delighted.

She was the same girl I caught up with very briefly in pune over beer sometime in August this year. It would be lovely to see the place through a 19 year old’s eyes.

We had just 72 hours to be precise to explore Pune. What were we exploring? Aanchal, my partner’s niece already made a list of places we could visit, from eating to drinking to exploring. Being a student and a food lover at that meant a lot of options for us.

Here is where I stop and say it’s not really a foodie blog. I am saying this because I have friends saying Oh you know food is not my forte, I don’t think much about food like you do and I think really? 🙂 This is also because I guess the term ‘foodie’ has been exaggerated thanks to social media. I wanted to clear the myth.

Foodie is NOT being an expert, NOT being a gourmet and going Ooh and aah and going in raptures and describing it in flowery words that no one gets! It is also NOT being a show off, to show off knowledge of what you ate, where you ate, nope it’s not.

For me, it’s plain and simple. You eat food everyday right? You do have your Mango pickle, Rice, Teplas, Parathas, Sambars and Rasams right? You do enjoy what you eat right? Well then you are a foodie my friend 🙂

So here is what I will do. Share my experience of Pune through it’s people, places I visited and the food I savored.

So here goes Pune @72 hours 🙂


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