An Unprecedented Addiction.. – Part I

Those who have known me either through the blogs, treks or in person must know by now my addiction to the Himalayas.

A love affair that started almost 3 years ago became an obsession, a headiness I never experienced before in my life. It was almost.. wait let me rewrite this, it IS a love, consumed with passion and hunger that I didn’t try to suppress nor toss it away.

With each trek/travel, I learned and unlearned, saw various facets of life through the wonderful people I met, became friends with, some whom I can say will be life long.

Thanks to the Himalayas, I knew what true silence meant, how the white noise around you gets hushed and yes even the white noise inside you gets hushed..

And at this stage in my life, I truly learned how to cut the bullshit slowly and surely out of my life(still a process and still going on), how it’s ok to be selfish and not feel guilty about it, how it’s your time that matters the most and be sparing. Give it to people whom you care about and to people who truly value your time.

And all this happened over a period. The more I traveled in the Himalayas, the more introspective I got, the people I met during these travels all became teachers in every way. And am thankful to each one of them, deep gratitude..

It’s taken me two weeks to start writing this because I am in a phase where I left the old, the past decade of my life that was Truffles – the cafe of my dreams to now, to the present, the ambiguous present with all it’s possibilities wide open. The transition is tough, tougher than I ever thought and this too is a work in process.

So right after I had done Har ki Dun and Darma Valley in April, the heart was already aching for another one. I still remember my Har ki Dun trekmates(the best ever I tell you!) shaking their heads when I told them I was off for another one next month itself – Rupin Pass!

I had a dear friend joining me for the same trek, yup Bhim, the same one who is as crazy and obsessed with the Himalayas and a shared connection to everything random and out of the box.

So here I was just a month away and all set to start another one while my trekking gear still had to get over the previous trip!

All I knew about Rupin was that we would cross interstate, we would start from Uttarakhand and trek over to Himachal Pradesh and that thought itself was exciting!

Any other info on it was something I intentionally ignored, except the snow slides! Yup Rupin pass had those snow slides, where we could slide over a few hundred metres on snow and that was a bonus for me!

So ready for the ride to Rupin Pass folks?  To be continued 🙂


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