Trippin’ Trips – Part I

Sometimes, well most of the times one thing leads to another and before you know it, life seems to take you somewhere else. You didn’t ask for it nor you hoped it would be this way but it does happen.

What I am about to write now is nothing lofty but about a trip that turned out to be trips and more trips. 😊

With my trekking and Meghalaya backpacking done in January – February, I really looked forward to a NO TRIPS mode till summer ended. It was about eating mangoes(loads of it) and generally stay put at home. But when friends happen, things happen!

A few friends were going to meet up in Panchgani and a dear friend pulled me into it and I pulled another friend into it and before I knew it I was all set to run away from the scorching sun of Hyderabad. But Murphy’s law happens and how! I booked my tickets and bingo the plan fell spectacularly apart.

And here I was, stuck with tickets to my destination and another friend who I pulled into who even got a return ticket back home.

Just then Pankaj happened, yes my dear friend who pops in and out mysteriously in my blogs whenever we travel together. He is one person I look upto( he hates hearing that!) and one whom I laugh with unabashedly.

So he told me and  Bhim( yup I pulled him in and yup a dear buddy who is not that mysterious and pops often in my trek/travel/crazy blogs like a recurring guest star) to come to Bombay briefly and then he would take us to this very special place he likes to visit often.

We didn’t wait for a second to say Yes to this. But if you think this is it, no it is not.

All I can tell you right now is that we ended up tripping trips after trips, from one location to another, each one completely opposite of each other, culturally and geographically. In hindsight it feels like we were in some amazing treasure hunt game.

On second thoughts maybe it was a treasure hunt game, to seek ourselves in this myriad jungle called life filled with contradictions.

When I look back at the 10-12 days I had, I shake my head in wonder. Friends, family, friends like family,strangers,characters in and out, bustling cities to complete silence. I feel like I have done a complete circle..

It goes without saying how much of love and respect I have about Himalayas from my blogs yet every time I get to experience something completely different that tells me there is so much more I don’t know.

So here I go again sharing my unexpected unintentional trips of trips of trips. Hoping you will get the same kick that I felt experiencing it.

To be Continued tomorrow.. 😊







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