The Journey – Part VIII

I was debating in my mind about this.

Do I write about the extra tiring and pain in the ass journey back to Rishikesh where we were losing hope we wouldn’t reach in time for our train back to Delhi?

Do I write about the vehicle stopping every few kilometres every half an hour with a long line of vehicles because of road widening or our patience through and through?

That entire day, evening and night was filled with unpredictability, constant pressure of will we or won’t we make it to the station. With no cash and screwed up ATMs our patience and will was tested on a whole different level that day.

By the time we got to Rishikesh that night with our tired bodies and haggard faces, it was time to get into another bus to Haridwar, this was another ‘icing’ on the cake. The bliss of Badrinath was done, it was like now let’s give you guys a different test of nerves and patience. By now you must have got the gist of it.

So instead I chose to write about our day when we finally arrived in Delhi that morning after all the shit we went through. Sounds Déjà Vu doesn’t it? 😊

We had a night in the train filled with farting snoring old men from Delhi who had no sense of space nor courtesy and by that time Bhim and I both came to a conclusion. We need a break from the North for some time. At least until winter is done in the mountains.

This was a sign. We loved the Himalayas but the recent journeys towards it was rough and tough. It was time to give ourselves a rest and a new plan opened up. To explore something else in the near future.

It was 7.25 am and after taking the metro we were in CP- Connaught Place. We wanted a good breakfast cafe and the only ones were South Indian places. So we parked ourselves in Starbucks with some coffee.

It made us feel better. It was drizzling outside and it gave us comfort knowing we could hang out here.

First, we needed a shower and total R & R. So we wisely decided to get a massage, take a shower there and head to a pub for some beer. Our flights were in the same terminal in the evening. We were in no mood to get running around, not in Delhi no way.

The massage and shower made us feel human again. When we got out of the massage place, Bhim saw a pub ‘My Bar headquarters’ right next door, it was already open at 11 am. It was ’purrfect’ for us. We headed in, it had a cool ambience and the DJ was playing beautiful Hindi songs.

Over beers and food we spoke about our journeys, physical, spiritual and metaphorical. We had a lot of insights. How we were, what it was doing to us and the changes in us from the past few years. We both are at a point where our tolerance towards bullshit is sub zero. Whether it was people or their behaviour. Why be nice and pretend about it?

At this stage in our lives, we were content being loners, being only with people we felt connected with, the rest we didn’t care for anymore. Our travels, our journeys told us clearly that we didn’t need to have social niceties for the sake of it.

My life from the past one and half year was beautiful, being in isolation with plenty of journeys. I cut the ties I needed to cut and I connected only with those I wanted to connect with. No going out nor communicating for the sake of it, no social circles nothing. I don’t believe in that anymore. Whomever I thought I was close with, if there was no honesty in that relationship, I cut myself off from them. There was no grudge and there was no attachment either.

I am in that space where I am finally finding a calling with my kind, the rest of the world is white noise.

We needed this day and we exactly got it because we made that choice to let it be that way. As simple as that.

Before we got into our respective flights back home, we made a promise, to be true to ourselves, in every way.

To a journey that bent us, broke us and mended the pieces together.

Till I blog again..💕💕



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