Raw, Wild and Unhinged – The Beginning

Where do I start? When I embarked on this journey of a trek, never did I expect it’s rawness, or wilderness and how challenging it could be in so many ways, external and internal.

But it is a fact isn’t it? That nature is cruel, where the only thing to do is to survive at any cost. And all those national geographic fans who look at predators hunting or the prey looking at every chance to stay alive, you do realise that Nature is that too, it can be brutal . It is only one thing, survival.

What I am about to share is something I experienced these past 7 days and I shake my head incredulously wondering how and why it all happened. Never did I expect this particular trek to blow me away, for the right as well as the wrong reasons. The redeeming factor were the people trekking with me, and of course the Mountains that showed me to accept certain things within me I was pushing away. To confront my emotions, to feel totally raw inside, it was like it ripped my heart out and showed me a red constantly pulsating one oozing with blood. Yup that’s exactly how I felt and I still feel it.

What it did was it made me stronger, stronger than ever before and to acknowledge the strength I have inside me, not shy away from it and to accept that I am a badass with absolutely no bull shit and had no time for anything or anyone with bullshit. Period.

So get ready for a ride into nature, on a terrain that was unexplored for 2 years until I dived in with my new trek mates who faced adversity, pain, injuries with elan and a lot of courage with a big dose of groans and moans.

To be continued.. ♥️


Photo Credit- Sarvotam Pai

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