The last trek of 2021.. As the story goes..

I thought this could be the best time to write a blog on my last trek, it was as simple as that. It has been a month and a little more since I last trekked. I wanted to end the year of 2021 but naturally with a trek and over the years and specially last year taught me to not be selective about any trek. Tough, easy, summer, winter or spring season, it didn’t matter at all as long as I trekked.

I am not going to elaborate on what we all are feeling right now with the uncertainty looming large again but I will say this, LOUD AND CLEAR. Stop watching social posts/news/ media/newspapers/ digital platforms and focus on what you want to do each day, every day. Live life, take one hour at a time if possible and truly understand the worst is truly over and this is one of the last cyclical phases we as humans will go through. ♥️

Getting back to this blog, frankly I feel a blankness as I write this. It is not tinted with nostalgia, nor a gushing emotional overflow as I get ready to write about this. I feel nothing and nothing is good because it means I am open and ready to start onto something new and that’s the ‘cause’ I am gonna stick to for the year 2022.

This trek – Kuari pass winter trek.. what can I say? It seems to me that even the so called ‘easy treks’ seems to get thrilling whenever I trek! And let me tell you I truly hate trekking in winters. Utterly despicably hate winter treks. The last time I did it was for Sandakphu – the border of India and Nepal in the cold month of January of 2019 and I had signed off on anything winter.

But hey people change, habits change and my stubborn opinionated thoughts on winter treks also changed. Simply put, I wanted to trek, that’s it. As long as I could get my feet up and walking in the mountains I was grateful. And 2021 is a year I have everything to be grateful for.

So here goes folks, my last trek of 2021, and I will take you on a journey on the unpredictability of it all plus a big lesson on detachment which I experienced post it and I continue to learn from it.

To be continued tomorrow 😊

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