The Journey begins – Part II

Here I was with a flight ticket to Delhi and a train destination to Haridwar and back and all this for a week.

I was still contemplating of cancelling it all and staying back home but something inside me was gnawing inside, I wanted to utilize this opportunity in some way and that’s when friends give you a path, a direction.

One friend told me to flip a coin to decide. I had the option of getting down at Dehradun or Haridwar. The train ticket that was on RAC got confirmed right at that time, my berth was allotted and I knew now that this was a sign, a sign that I had to go on.

I spoke to another dear friend of mine and he gave me contacts of a couple of Senior Trek leaders who lead smaller groups of treks around that season. He told me to check with them if I could join in at the last moment. I spoke to them too yet I didn’t feel like joining in..

And at that point with all that confusion inside me, I flipped a coin- Heads I would get down at Dehradun and figure out , Tails I would get down at Haridwar and figure out and yes that was the plan!

Then at that point I thought of my previous trek..The one where we trekked in snowfall to  Tungnath.. That freezing temperature, that snowfall and storm that looked like a divine intervention and those temple bells at Tungnath.. I closed my eyes and remembered that moment when I thought of my father, getting overwhelmed and just for a sec thinking of One day.. Kedarnath..

And that’s it, the moment I flipped the coin, I knew where I wanted to go, Kedarnath..  And with Pankaj, my dear friend also suggesting that as one of the places I could visit, it just  made my resolve stronger.

I remember telling only two friends about it. I am going to Kedarnath, a solo trek there.

I didn’t know how it would happen, from where I would start and all those logistics. It became all crystal clear to me. There was no more confusion. And believe me all this happened just two days before my travel date.

Just two years ago and I mean it truly if someone asked me would you go to Kedarnath? I would have scoffed and said Me? No way! Not so far, not North India and honestly I don’t connect with those temples nor am I religious! But Life is always stranger than fiction isn’t it?

Rules are meant to be broken, Plans are meant to be unplanned in short everything that you thought you wouldn’t ever do would be done.

So here I was all set for Kedarnath, Himalayas and for the first time in my life embarking on a solo trek.



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