One last thing… – XVII

We woke up early and lazed around at the Verandah and were wondering where do we go next. We had become proper nomads. To not plan, to not think too much about it but just be in the moment.

We wouldn’t get much of a chance of doing that when we go back to our city lives or were we too scared to be that way there? To be free? To be spontaneous? To just be who we are without getting scared of being judged?

We sat for Breakfast with Julia and Lyat and both insisted we stay and directly go to Kathgodam station tomorrow. It was tempting to say the least. Deepta and Arjun were anyways coming this side late morning.

We thought about it and it was really tough because Innisfree was almost home to us. This place, the people.In the end we decided to explore some other village, maybe try that out?

Later in the morning, Deepta walked in with Cola and Arjun with Fuchka. It was always awesome to meet Arjun, always. A bundle of energy, a brilliant mind and a great sense of humour. They would drop us to the village.

The last two days and we were going to miss the mountains terribly, every bit of it. We had no idea of it’s impact on us until we went back to our respective places we called home.

From Har Ki Dun to joining my friend Bhim and continuing our incredible unplanned trip to far and beyond. It did feel like a dream.

But there was one last thing we had to do. To visit Rishikesh and to go to one special place that held our hearts. It was a temple of sorts, a shrine to us at least, the most unconventional one you can think of.

To be continued…







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