Dissatisfaction-Confusion Infinite

Does the title confuse you? Startle you? Amuse you? bore you? But can you step back and read this?

If you are like most of us,you will be  waking up in the morning , not feeling the ‘sunshine and happiness’ and not at all looking forward to the day’s drudgery that’s about to start.

Now add the people, the environment, the phone pinging with irritating messages that includes good morning ‘inspiring Messages to whatsapp statuses to Facebook to twitter to Snapchat( for the ADHD millenials, if you are one, google ADHD!) to tinder( worst ever  🙄) and here we are, stuck in a conundrum, chaos that’s self inflicted and pushed on by others..

It all started when I signed up for some race, all gung ho about it, inspired by a minuscule race I just completed and raring to go. But reality bites and how! Open the internet and millions of options of how to,how not to, then nutrition tips from ‘experts’ giving different timelines for that one race. Now if you think am gonna start blabbering about a race, no I will stop at that. This same web took me to unexpected places and gave me various insights right from people to my own folks to the world.

Look around you, news changing every minute every hour with an agenda fuelled by the party  that funds them and nothing to do with the nation’s interests mind you, a ‘kiss’ by a celebrity grabs your eyeballs, an award Wapsi means it’s the ‘cool thing to do’ never mind that those award wapsis don’t give back the cash money that comes with it, just an announcement and added to that is the trash talk all over and in between this are our own folks, friends who take selfies after selfies from a wedding to a funeral to a trip to an event forgetting it’s the event that needs to be photographed. I really miss those good old days when that used to be given prominence.

Now that you get the gist, tell me how can one ever be satisfied and wake up with a  smile on their face? Right from the time we wake up we are assaulted by everyone and I mean everyone around us. And it’s only increasing.

Can  you blame the new generation for being the way they are since we have joined them in their bandwagon. Not just the millenials but most of us feel we are entitled to everything, and I mean everything, be that breaking a traffic signal, not paying toll fees( I have seen many of them) to cutting across a queue in a posh supermarket and not taking any responsibility. Because in a country like ours, it’s everyone’s fault except yourself. Yes yourself.

Like Pink Floyd’s music video of ‘ The Wall’ we are getting manufactured and distributed like robots following like a wave, wherever whichever the trend goes. Asking for a PM’s resignation for the smallest of issues to stalking a celebrity’s dating/wedding/shenanigans. And this all seems infinite. There there are no two ways about it, it’s an endless whirlpool, and there seems to be no way out of it..

But relax there is a solution, there really is! I am no new age guru but it striked me as I started writing it.

Can you live one day and I mean one day in your life without feeling the pressure and not feeling guilty about it?

The pressure of work, pressure of family, pressure of rituals, pressure of a being husband, wife, mother, brother, son etc etc  , the pressure of media, glamour, being cool, of being thin, fat, short, tall, dark, of wanting more, that another piece of land, that car, that new gadget, of wanting to be ‘IT’, you get my drift?

What kind of a life are you leading if you can’t live it ONCE, even ONE DAY for yourself? Completely for YOURSELF sans any social status, wealth, selfies, nothing!

Then my friend that dissatisfaction and confusion will subside a bit, that noises in your head will calm down, you will realise that there is a way to come out of this Infinity Loop we have created among ourselves.. Are you game?








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