Bombay – A Mid September Night’s Dream

What if I were to say that the title and content would have been entirely different if things would have gone as planned? 🙂

But knowing my destiny so far, where nothing has ever gone as planned and situations going awry at the last minute or second, from the mystical mighty Himalayas to the Urban Jungle of Bombay, somehow it came about to be this city only!

A long awaited trek and trip to the Himalayas which was supposed to be my last one for this year just didn’t happen. Me and my buddy Bhim(you know him so well by now don’t you?) planned a long trek to a place which we had been longing to go back to again, to see a new season unfold in the Himalayas following which we would spend 2-3 days in Bombay to catch up with some dear friends.

But when Uttarakhand high court disposes, we have no choice but to accept. Long story short, the court issued orders to ban camping in open meadows in Uttarakhand, and amidst the confusion and chaos that usually happens in such cases, we decided to completely let go off this one with one logic- Where will the Himalayas disappear to anyway?

We have next year and the year after that till we live to visit it and frankly we were not too disappointed, we knew we would go back there again and again. So Bombay it was. Almost one week of Bombay!

We had dear friends there, a real connection there to be with people we truly cared about and to just be in Bombay, to feel it’s pulse, to be in it, to be still amidst the chaos and buzz that is quintessentially Bombay.

And when Uma, a dear friend graciously and generously offered us her place to stay at, we would be experiencing everything that is Bombay.

The sea, marine drive,the walks, the commute, the morning Azaan of Haji Ali to the bells of Mahalaxmi temple, the love of friends and of course the spirit of Bombay that is unique from anything else in our country.

It truly was a Mid September Night’s Dream- my version of the Shakespearean title 🙂

So read on and ride with me on a rendezvous with the city of all cities, the city of dreams, the city of illusions and the city that makes you believe in yourself.



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