The Road to Eastern Himalayas – Part I

I always have an initial problem while starting a new blog especially right now. There is so much in my head and heart that sometimes I feel it’s incomprehensible even to me..

Right from November ending of 2018 I have been travelling/backpacking to different destinations with friends to loved ones.. A journey that started in Nov end took me to the wilderness of Kerala to a beautiful jungle in Maharashtra to exploring Malaysia and finally to a ‘ should I go or should I not go’ trek to Sandakphu..

Sandakphu trek and I have had what you call a complicated relationship from the past few years.

Every time I booked for this particular one I cancelled, twice! And the third time was because the trek got cancelled because of a Darjeeling strike.

And believe me, even this one would have met the same fate. Recovering from a bad viral fever and zero energy and the thought of ‘ can I make it handling the winter and trek’ I was all about to give up until a loved one told me one thing, ‘ Look you have been dreaming about this for a long time and you cancelled it twice for Christ’s sake! Just go! You are a strong person and you can do it’ That’s it, that was it and I made up my mind of ‘not cancelling’ a couple of days before the trek begun.

For all those who are used to my blog series, you know how it runs and for those who dont know and are new, yes I write, I blog and yup it’s a daily blog of experiences which I will share until my travel stories end..

All I can say is welcome to my world of travel, trekking and maybe more? 😊

The Eastern side of Himalayas and so it begins..

To be continued tomorrow!






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