Dahanu(part C) – IX

We picked up Adit and off we went to this tiny chaat place. This was a place frequented by Pankaj and it was run by a family. The mother made all the chaat and one could taste that. Nothing beat’s a mother’s food.

We were devouring pani puri, dahi puri and other chaat items freshly made. There were a couple of friendly dogs coming towards Bhim and me and as we began petting them right on they jumped on us 😊 We heard a stern voice calling out to these dogs and it happened to be a distinguished Parsi gentleman. He had settled here decades ago and he had names for the dogs. He would get them meat twice thrice in a week and took care of them.

After some small talk, the gentleman left. Pankaj told us that centuries ago Iranians had migrated to this place alongside Gujarat shores. Gujarat was just 100 kms from here.No wonder we saw so many Parsis here. It also had a disturbing history.

They had completely subjugated and repressed the Adivasis and made them into slaves. An interesting observation from Pankaj was that because of hundreds of years of repression, the adivasis became very docile and they were not used to voicing their opinions, even now. Like for example you would never see a drunk Adivasi being aggressive, he would still be quiet and remain within his boundaries.

It was almost 7 pm and it was time for drinks. So Pankaj took us to this lovely rooftop place right opposite Dahanu beach. And as usual every employee recognised and acknowledged him. Whenever he visited Vaki, his evenings were spent here with a drink watching the sea. Babbubhai would accompany him most of the times.

I decided to refrain from having anything because another leg of my journey would start from tomorrow and believe me it would be a crazy one with another crazy threesome joining me tomorrow night!

We sat over snacks and drinks and chatted. I noticed how Pankaj and Bhim also bantered with each other. Arguing and justifying why they were right! They were so similar that of course they would disagree holding on to their views! In between them was me😊

As they were bantering, me and Adit were smiling and he asked, so what do you do when they keep doing this? I said I keep quiet and enjoy it all!

And this is the thing ok? And I thought only women do this! Whenever we needed to use a restroom we sometimes take our girlfriends with us, because that session becomes more like a heart to heart chat than anything else. And I was noticing right from Radio Club time whenever Bhim or Pankaj got up to get out they would ask the other if they wanted to join! The same thing happened here and as they got out, Adit told me they are just like women aren’t they?? I nodded and laughed!

I was getting into a deep conversation with Adit while suddenly these two came in and Pankaj asked so what is this thing you guys are talking about? Immediately Adit said, Dad! Can’t we both talk to each other while you two keep arguing? And yup I pointed out about them being bathroom buddies just like us gals  and of course they rolled their eyes 😁

After dinner, we crossed over to Dahanu beach. It was 10.30 pm and no one was around and I can tell you how magical and trapped in time the moments were. Each one of us chose our space closer to the water and got lost in it. Once I turned back and saw the father and son close together standing and looking ahead.

I have no idea how time passed, we all got lost in the moment. The blue black sky, the soft waves, the sounds of the sea, our feet wet and fresh breeze.

Bhim took a beautiful pic, a precious candid moment of us and he shared it with me. When I look at it, I can only say how blessed I am to be in the company of such amazing souls in that moment with the sea…

After some time,Pankaj like a caring father lifted us up and out of our thoughts and gently told us it was time to go. The drive back was in complete silence and it was the most beautiful silence.

We opened the car windows and though the four of us were in our own thoughts, we were unified with this peaceful energy between us. We were one with the silence.

It was time to call it a night…


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