Piercings, 1730 and hopes – Part XIV

I had my history of piercings and tattoos and I loved each one of them and I wanted to mark a new milestone this time.

Entering into my 40s has been the single most liberating thing for me. It’s the age where most women figure their shit, care a damn about who and what people think anymore.

We remove the masks built up over the years and say this is me, no more accommodating to anyone. And I wanted to commemorate this, shaving my head was a big step last year that changed my life and I never looked back.

I give credit to the girls for motivating me to get pierced(won’t my last one though). I walked out with a big smile with the pain of piercing needles.

Right after that we went to Cafe 1730. Aanchal was saying this was the place where she came to know that Freddie Mercury from the band Queen studied in Panchgani. And as we walked in, we saw the poster of Freddie with the info.

I asked one of the staff members, why the name 1730? The gentleman explained that in the year 1730, there was a strict liquor Prohibition across USA and many ‘speak easy’ underground bars propped up making their own brews and alcohol discreetly serving people. That’s why the name. So interesting.

We started with cocktails while Kajal stuck to food. A beautiful cafe with a retro ambiance, soft lighting and rock songs playing in the background. It looked timeless, from another era.

Srini and Aanchal were getting in and out for a smoke or two and I would join them once a while. Srini was in a serious discussion with her so I went back to sit with Kajal.

She was in a sombre mood as we were going back to Hyderabad and just like any good vacation, when it’s ending the low feeling sets in.

She was getting into 11th standard and though she was keen on journalism post her 12th, she was worried about having only one career option plus that subtle pressure of ‘ Doctor/Engineer’ coming from the family.

We discussed various options like Architecture, Mass Communications, Institute of Hotel Management. I could see her brightening up knowing she had the opportunities to explore.

I told her only one thing. Post 12th, she must move out of Hyderabad and study in another city. If Aanchal turned out that independent it was because of her living in Pune for 3 years. Parents must let their children explore, you can’t keep them in a bubble.

The biggest contribution that parents can do is to make them independent so they wouldn’t get completely lost when they were not around anymore. It’s not wealth or assets guys it’s knowledge and common sense that will make them thrive and survive.

After having cocktails and delicious mashed potatoes with bacon, we had to have that last dinner at StreetMeat! The guy now beamed seeing us. Over a plate of Bacon(again!) and Korean barbecue chicken we called it a night.

We would be sitting together like this for the last time on this trip. Aanchal was staying back for the weekend and going to Bombay to catch up with her friends while we three were lugging our sorry selves back to Hyderabad.

A freaking 5.50 am train tomorrow.

To be continued for one last time..



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