A journey that started on 18th May ended on 30th.

I have been trekking for quite some time, I have a past where I have travelled around the world doing different kinds of things.

From backpacking to super luxury, from staying in a Tibetan monastery to getting stranded in a cove in Fiji with the waves lashing and close to drowning. Getting stung by sea urchins in Jamaica to hitting a stranger who entered into my room at midnight in Gaurikund near Kedarnath, sometimes I feel I have seen life in all its colours but that thought comes from a place of ego.

Because the more I travel and explore,I realise how little I know, and this is the thing, am always starting from Ground Zero.

This trip went from one extreme to another, from laughter to silence, from soul searching to getting an eye opening perspective from the young guns, to get a glimpse into their mind and how they viewed the world.

And how can I forget the people? Friends, wherever I travelled. Just true friends who valued relationships.

I leave you with only one thing, just travel. Even if it means getting away for a weekend two hours away from the city, just do it, open up to the prospect of surprises and accept whatever comes your way for like life, travel is not a bed of roses but teaches you aplenty.

I end this series with some words of wisdom from the Sufi poet Rumi, ‘And You? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?’ ❤️


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