The World is Changing before your eyes..

As I write this, the quintessential Californian band The Eagles ‘Love is Keeping us Alive’ plays in the background and that’s exactly what I titled in this blog from one of the lines in the song..

I will not go into what’s happening right now, and I will tell you something else.. Think the word ‘HEAL’. This is the time, the right time, the perfect moment to heal. Within each one of us, and outside of us.

It’s the time to finally look around us and see and feel the changes. It’s happening every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week and so on and it won’t stop. It has set forth a series of actions that will change everything in the world we thought we knew so far.

And let me tell you it’s only for the good, for greater good. Mother Earth is telling us to PAUSE. To STOP and we have felt her power and how! In a few months she has brought humanity to their feet, grounded them hard, strong and tough. For Mothers show tough love when it’s time, don’t they? This is exactly that.

So all I ask of you is to be present, be very present and aware. Look beyond the phone/Netflix/amazon prime and the technology that you thought would protect and make you invincible. Set aside everything that you thought it would be and smile.

Yes smile, talk to each other, laugh, make love to your loved ones, get out the silliness that’s been dormant inside you for the fear of being judged and look around in sheer wonderment.

How the earth is unfolding herself in front of you telling you clear and loud. Nothing is permanent, nothing ever is and she has given us just a glimpse of it.

This is the time to break away from the shackles of everything that’s put you in a box, stifled you, made you keep running, running for career, wealth, sex, emotions, for greed is not just for material pleasures, it’s also emotional, mental and physical pleasures. Can you? Can you do it now? Please?

Ask yourself as you sit in isolation in your home alone or with your family, How much is more? Where will it stop? It won’t right? It’s in your hands now to change everything. Yes You, no one else, it’s you, take that responsibility, and shall I say this? REBOOT 😊

Reboot everything inside you. Turn it off and when you switch on that system inside you, know what you are gonna do from now on will be completely different.

Mother Earth spelled it out clearly didn’t she? Connection. Love. These are the only two words you will take with you from now on.

You are not alone, you were never alone and you will not be in the future either. Connect with yourself, with nature, with earth with those around you for in the toughest of times, it’s only these that will save us. Nothing more.

Keep smiling, keep dreaming and keep living truly NOW. ❤️❤️






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