The Calling

Gazing at stars, gazing at a moonlit night

I wonder if forever means anything?

I look at the expanse around me, I feel the timelessness yet we are so bound by time..

Caught up in the web of desire and attachment..

Hasn’t the universe taught us from time immemorial,

To the time when the first embryo came to life and became flesh and blood..

From our ancestors that followed the stars, the sun and the moon…

Following the ever changing seasons, taking what is required and no more

And now, what have we become..

Losing our essence, losing our soul and what remains is an empty broken shell..

This is the time, for you, for me, for every soul in the universe,

It’s time to go HOME, it’s time to revisit what is deeply embedded in your blood and veins,

It’s time to resuscitate from that coma..

For this is the age that belongs to HER,

Yes, it’s time to go back to her womb, seek her

For she is not easy to please  after what you have done to her,

Yet she is there, ever present watching over,

So now It’s time to go back to that void, to that darkness so we can start all over again.

Aho 💕


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