Is it really healing? Mother Earth really is?

So what about us?

Are we healing?

Are we learning?

Have we curbed our desires?

For one more house to one more car?

For the latest phone to the latest gear?

For one more investment to one more brand?

For one greedy emotion to another?

Have we really?

Have we let go off our greed to possess?

Land, buildings, houses, material pleasures?

For the fear of missing out or competing with each other?

For the latest update, latest travel, latest selfie, latest parading of you and your ego?

Are you really healing?

Will you truly think about Mother Earth when this is over?

Or will you go back to possessing again?

Go back to earning more? Go back to paying more?

Are YOU really healing?

Are YOU less greedy now?

Are YOU really thinking this is enough?

Are YOU really making a conscious choice?

For after this is over,

It will be another land, another house, isn’t it?

Another ‘security’ for your family isn’t it?

Healing can go to goddamn hell, isn’t it?

Who cares? My family comes first, isn’t it?

It’s me,me and me isn’t it?

So Before you keep saying ‘ Healing’, think,

Think very closely, what you truly mean,

Are you parroting just words that sounds good,

that makes you look good,

Or you truly want to follow it up with actions

The earth is not healing, nor cleansing, nor regenerating

She is doing what she has done for zillions of years,

Because YOU are the one that needs Healing.



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