The Second Coming

Life’s wonders, does it cease?

The birds are chirping from morning to night

In a city filled with fumes the skies are back to a beautiful blue

I hear the sparrows and I hear the crows for the first time

I see peacocks strolling in the backyard where there were only human noises and voices

Where were you all this time?

Did we push you away so brutally?

Did we kill your spirit ?

Did we clip your wings and batter your soul?

And yet here you are, 

Back again,

Showing us what it means to fly

Soaring high and above with no fear

Watching over us and wondering,

Have the humans realised it finally?

Have they realised their follies?

Have they realised that the piece of land they fight for never belonged to them?

The wars they bring upon each other only causes sorrow and tears?

That by destroying trees, they are destroying themselves?

And right then, I see an eagle soaring above me

With it’s vision encompassing lands and humans 

And I pray, I pray, I pray

Oh Mother, do what needs to be done

For everything is yours, this body, this spirit, this soul,

Take back what was stolen from you,

Reclaim what was ravaged by us

You are teaching us,

Soft and hard

Tears and smiles,

The whole cycle all over again

For we know for sure we won’t get a second chance ever again.

Aho ❤️











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